Conference on foundation decarbonization and reuse

On March 21-23, DFI Europe and KIVI Geotechniek will host a 3-day conference about decarbonization and the reuse of existing foundations in the construction industry.

The construction industry is largely contributing to CO2 emissions, and so is the deep foundation industry. With sustainability becoming more relevant each day, foundation design has to be addressed differently. Decarbonization is the first option: more efficient design to reduce the amount of concrete or steel and the use of different materials with lower carbon footprint. Furthermore the reuse of existing foundations must be considered as well, and even preferred as the most sustainable option.

International debate
With urban centers being reconstructed and transformed in many places around the world, this international conference aims to enlarge the debate around decarbonization and reuse, discussing the visions of consulting engineers, contractors and end-clients. The following themes will be discussed during the conference:

  • The decision-making process regarding foundation decarbonization and reuse
  • The inspection and testing of existing foundations to assess their suitability for reuse
  • The design process when foundations are decarbonized or reused
  • The construction phase when foundations are decarbonized or reused

Site visit

The conference will take place at the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. Following the initial two days of the conference with presentations and panel discussions at the conference location, the third day will showcase practical examples of foundation decarbonization and reuse in and around Amsterdam.

More information
For more information and registration, please visit the conference website.

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