Webinar on groundwater in Eurocode 7

On February 23 NEN will co-host a webinar on the second generation of Eurocode 7. The webinar will focus on the basis of design and how the influence of groundwater is incorporated in the new code.

The webinar is free to attend. It is possible to still register online by visiting the event’s webpage. The entire program, which runs from 03:00 PM till 05:00 PM, can be found there as well.

Eurocode 7 is known as the European standard for geotechnical engineering design and is widely considered as a great success story. The second generation of the standard is currently being drafted by the CEN/TC250 SC7 and will represent a significant step forward towards further harmonization and efficient guidance for geotechnical design.

This online webinar, organised by ISSMGE ERTC10, CEN/TC 250/SC7 and delivered in partnership with NEN, aims to encourage geotechnical engineering professionals across Europe and the world to engage with Eurocode 7 experts. Currently the next generation of the codes are being prepared. Learn first hand about the upcoming changes and meet the experts digitally as they present the improvements and challenges.

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