LinkedIn sessions – PLAXIS Soil Model Talk with dr. Brinkgreve

PLAXIS is the geotechnical engineering software for modelling soil behavior with finite elements. It can be hard to navigate through all the PLAXIS features at first. What soil model to use? How to make a proper choice for parameter input? What are attention points & common pitfalls?

Such questions are discussed in these LinkedIn interviews with dr. Ronald Brinkgreve. Dr. Ronald Brinkgreve is specialized in numerical methods and constitutive models for soils and rock. The interviews have been made to inform & encourage people to employ constitutive models for a more realistic simulation of soil & rock behavior.

5 different interviews, 5 different themes (access by link):

Part 1: The importance of constitutive modeling in geotechnical engineering and the Hardening Soil Model
Part 2: Soft Soil Modeling
Part 3: Liquefaction & Earthquake Modeling
Part 4: Modeling Rock
Part 5: Special Materials e.g. Concrete

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