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WEBINAR Energy Geostructures

On March 25, from 16.30 to 18.00, KIVI Geotechniek will offer a webinar on Energy Geostructures. During this webinar, Jacco Haasnoot from CRUX and Phil Vardon from TU Delft will give presentations on energy sheet pile walls and piles. The webinar offers new insights into the design of energy geostructures and ongoing research efforts into their geotechnical and thermal behaviour.

Please register via the KIVI website, the participation link will be distributed via email at a later time:

The program is as follows:

Energy sheet pile walls – testing and application

ir. J.K. (Jacco) Haasnoot, sr. specialist / directeur CRUX Engineering

An energy sheet pile wall can be used to extract energy from its surroundings in order to heat up or cool down buildings with the assistance of a heat pump. The geothermal heat can be extracted from the subsoil and from surface water. Surface water, in particular, is able to provide a relatively high level of energy. This presentation discusses the (intermediate) results of an energy sheet pile wall trial carried out in the Schie, close to Delft. The feasibility of applying such a system within historic, waterlogged inner cities such as Amsterdam will also be discussed. CRUX Engineering is developing the energy sheet pile wall technology together with Gooimeer BV, Groep Duurzame Energie, TU Delft and TU Eindhoven.

Energy piles and obtaining thermal properties of the ground

Dr. P.J. (Phil) VardonAssociate Professor Geo-Engineering TU Delft. Department lead Geothermal Science and Engineering.

Heat and cooling are responsible for 50% of the primary energy use in the Netherlands. To move towards low carbon heating and cooling, shallow geothermal energy can play a major role. Energy geostructures can play a significant role in in reducing the initial costs of shallow geothermal energy but require a higher level of design, due to the combined structural and energy functions. I will present current research on the geotechnical performance of energy piles and the thermo-mechanical behaviour of soils. This work is aiming towards reliable methods to design energy piles. In addition, I will present new methods on obtaining thermal properties of the soil for energy geostructures, which fit into standard site investigation methods.

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