SW22: Keynote lecture on stress wave simulations

From 20-23 September the 11th International Conference on Stress Wave Theory and Design and Testing Methods for Deep Foundations will take place in Rotterdam. It is still possible to register for the conference.

The conference will cover the application of static and dynamic test methods to deep foundations, including both driven piles and cast-in-place, both onshore and offshore. The conference will host seven prominent keynote speakers.

Keynote lecture by Peter Middendorp
One of the keynote speakers will be Peter Middendorp, Managing Director at Allnamics. For over 40 years Middendorp has been involved in the research and development of pile testing techniques and the associated software.

For his keynote presentation Middendorp will cover more than 80 years of experience of stress wave simulations. He will highlight subjects reaching from early developments with graphical methods up to advanced hammer design and driveability studies and its automation.

Middendorp will illustrate this with examples generated by the wave equation program AllWave. Furthermore he will discuss implemented methods for transferring soil investigation data to soil driveability parameters, soil fatigue parameters and the technique to automate driveability studies.

It is still possible to attend the conference. In order to do so, please register at the conference website.

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