Breakthrough or a curse?

The Department of ‘Philosophy and Engineering’ welcomes students and YP’s to think about new inventions in another way. How do these new inventions change our life? What do they give us, but also: what do they take from us?

A philosophical take on the everyday things we encounter as engineers (and as people). As engineers we all love new technologies and gadgets. But what is the price we pay for it? Think of the following themes;

  • lighting (light pollution);
  • cars (air pollution, climate change, obesity);
  • cell phones (privacy)

A series where we gather (online) at a philosophical table to talk and debate about these themes and to discover whether and what we should do differently starting today…

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    1. @loes Je reactie op dit project heeft ons (Afdeling Filosofie & Anarchi*) geïnspireerd om dit onderwerp te gebruiken voor een volgende editie van de Philosophical Table van Anarchi! Binnenkort meer informatie hierover, @reza-nejad save the date: vrijdag 11 juni om 16.00uur aanstaande.

      * Anarchi is de studievereniging van het masterprogramma Architecture, Building and Planning aan de TU/e. Check hier voor meer informatie:

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