ISSMGE online presentation on jet grouting

On September 22 the ISSMGE committee for ground improvement hosts an online presentation about a new jet grouting method from Japan.

In Japan, due to topographical factors, jet grouting has been developed in such a way that it can be executed using a small construction machine and is applied for various purposes.

In his presentation Dr Tsutomu Tsuchiya will introduce the latest jet grouting method, featuring: high quality jet grouting for permanent structures, large diameter jet grouting columns and various shapes of jet grouting columns. Supported by a field application example, Dr. Tsuchiya will also introduce the technical ingenuity that makes these features possible. Furthermore he will discuss future developments.

The online presentation takes place on Friday 22 September, 6:OO PM Japan time (GMT +9:00). Participants can join the directly by using this provided Zoom link. They can also send an expression of interest to the event’s contact (Dr Babak Hamidi via to receive a reminder notification. For more information please see the program’s flyer from ISSMGE.

About Dr Tsutomu Tsuchiya
Dr Tsutomu Tsuchiya graduated in engineering from Kyoto University in 1985 and obtained his master’s degree from the same institute two years later. He then joined Mitsui Construction Corporation and engaged in infrastructure development until 2001, when he moved to Chemical Grout Company. Since then, he has allocated his career to the development of jet grouting, ground freezing and other ground improvement techniques. He has also participated in various projects such as seismic reinforcement and liquefaction countermeasures. Dr Tsuchiya was awarded his doctorate in engineering in 2020 and is currently the managing director of the technical division of Chemical Grouting Company in Japan.

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