Lunch Lezing Seaway7 – Offshore Installation of Monopile Foundations

On the 26th of March, Seaway7 will organize a lunch lecture in collaboration with the study association ‘Practische Studie’ at the Civil Engineering Faculty of the TU Delft.

Seaway7 supports developers to bring sustainable, renewable energy to the world through the construction of offshore wind farms. As a global leader in the delivery of offshore wind projects, Seaway7 offers specialist installation services for wind turbines, wind turbine foundations, submarine cables as well as heavy transportation services.

Seaway7 owns and operates a state-of-the-art fleet of 13 vessels and employs around 800 onshore people through various project offices in Europe (Aberdeen, Leer, Oslo, Vejle, Zoetermeer), Taiwan and the US.

During the lunch lecture, we will dive into the challenges of offshore installation of monopile foundations (i.e., 80-90m long structures with a 8-9m diameter that weigh more than 1000t) using an impact hammer. Soil behavior is unpredictable and one of the risks during impact hammering is the unexpected and uncontrollable lowering of the pile and hammer. How can this so-called drop fall risk be managed and mitigated? The lecture will be given by the Chief Commercial Officer and a Senior Installation Engineer from Seaway7.

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