Geosynthetics: responsible and sustainable solutions to reduce environmental impact

Armand van Wijck


Using geosynthetics, more sustainable and economical structures can be built than with traditional methods using mineral aggregate, clay, steel or concrete. Geosynthetics can replace or significantly reduce the use of these primary building materials. They also increase the service life of structures, like roads, railways or dykes. Compared to traditional construction methods, building with geosynthetics means in most cases a lower total energy demand, substantial reduction of CO2 emissions and cost savings.

Various applications and geosynthetic functions as well as the sustainability benefits are summarised in this article. It will be illustrated how responsible and sustainable solutions can be obtained by using geosynthetics. More important, the positive environmental impact of these solutions in comparison with traditional building methods are described. The contribution of geosynthetics to the construction of resilient structures as the big future challenge for climate change adaptation are outlined.

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